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About Us

Established recently, we have become a top exporter of quality spices. We have the highest quality spices at competitive rates. We provide a range of spices including chilli powder, cloves, black pepper, turmeric powder and cumin seeds. Spices are used frequently, therefore, their quality should never be compromised. We understand this and provide top-notch spices to our customers. We provide organic and pure spices. We have a team of experts who look after the packaging process and ensure that every step is conducted in a clean and hygienic environment.

Agricultural Products

Agricultural products are necessary for better production of crops or farming. There are 4 types of agriculture, the shifting cultivation which is also know as rotating crops, intensive pastoral farming that is focused on grazing animals, subsistence cultivation which is done for seeking out a living often done for consumption by the families, lastly, commercial cultivation usually focused on cash crops i.e. cocoa, cotton, palm, oil etc. We provide all agricultural products which can be used in all types of farming methods some of the product that be used for better crop production are Bacteria company agricultural microbiology testing services, nano zinc, agricultural appliances and many other products. We deliver required products in different cities all over India.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are well know for being the healthy source of vitamin and minerals. Diet that includes vegetables and fruits lowers blood pressure prevent deadly disease, reduce risk of stroke, help keeps appetite in good condition, help is digestion and improves gut health. All fruits and vegetables contain one or the other health benefits. Green leafy vegetables may even help in losing weight. One should always keep a check that fruits and vegetables are fresh and not chemically grown. Here we provide premium quality fruits and vegetables such as green chillies, lemon, ladies finger (hybrid, dried, all kinds), green peas, Tomato, drumsticks, bamboo shoots, organics vegetables etc. We provide fresh and organic fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.


Rice is one of the most consumed cereal grains all over the world. It helps to gain healthy weight, on consuming brown rice one can get protection against chronic diseases. Rice is gluten free grain it provides energy and restores glycogen levels after excercise. One of the rare quality that humans are unaware about is that rice works as natural anti- inflammatory and improves nervous system health. It helps in fighting and preventing against intestinal cancer and colorectal cancer. Reason behind this, rice has low amount of sodium, fat and cholesterol hence it is a magical aid in reducing Obesity. So we provide different quality rice according to the demand of coustomers brown rice, non- basmati, wild rice, polished and unpolished, organic, plain, ildi rice and many others all over India.


• Premium quality rice and agricultural products

• Available in large order and wide varieties

• Quality at affordable prices

• Years of Experience in the Industry

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most reliable supplier of agricultural products and continue providing our customers with only premium quality products.

We provide a range of agricultural products including rice, fruits & vegetables and other agricultural products.

Our Mission

To provide our buyers with excellent quality products of varied kinds including a wide range of vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices.

To leverage our years of experience and be a dependable source of top-notch products.

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